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The Schuttertal (in the Ortenau district) nestles between the Black Forest and the Rheingraben just north of Freiburg i. Br. - pretty much on the same level as the Europa Park - and stretches from Schweighausen to Lahr. The area is very rural, there are many typical Black Forest farms and small tranquil villages. You can explore the area on your own on countless hiking and biking trails and fortify yourself in the inns with a hearty snack. 

Patrick spent his childhood and youth in the district of Dörlinbach. We still regularly return to Patrick's homeland and visit his

mother or relatives. Patrick's mother ("Grandma Anna") is the creator of our popular "Linzi" and has given us the recipe for her coveted "Bacon Knöpfle Soup".

We obtain the original Black Forest ham from the farms and butchers in Schuttertal, and we obtain the schnapps from various farms in Dörlinbach.

The Durbach wine-growing region - from which we have a number of wines in our range - is located a little north of Offenburg. Some very tasty wines grow at the foot of the Staufenberg Castle. You are welcome to try!



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