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Lardo is a particularly mature, fatty bacon used in Italian cuisine. The firm back fat from Italian country pigs is used for Lardo and only the firm, upper part directly under the rind. Since Italian country pigs are much heavier and have a higher fat content than, for example, German pigs, this part of the back fat is about five centimeters thick. The bacon is cut into large, square pieces, rubbed with salt and seasoned with spices such as bay leaf, pepper, sage, juniper, nutmeg and garlic, layered on top of each other and weighed down. It then matures for three to six months. The containers are covered with marble slabs during the maturing process. The lardo is white to slightly pink in color, has a delicate smell, is slightly salty and somewhat sweet with a taste reminiscent of walnuts. The consistency is firm and at the same time tenderly melting. Bacon prepared in this way has been known since ancient times, but has been somewhat forgotten in recent decades and has recently been rediscovered in Italy, Germany and increasingly also in Switzerland. While it used to be the food of the workers in the quarries, today it is an exceptional delicacy that is eaten pure as a starter or as a topping for bread. Also fried, as a spicy ingredient for pasta dishes such as spaghetti alla gricia, polenta, soups and salads, it gives the dishes the typical Tuscan taste.


Lardo - heavenly white bacon from Italy

The people of Italy know what is good. They make the most of a simple cut of pork and the result is the aromatic lardo. The Tuscan specialty has become an indispensable part of the delicate cuisine and it is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. Try the white bacon and you'll love it! 

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    Our Lardo is of the best organic quality. The pigs have excellent living conditions, which is the basis for excellent meat quality.

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    • We are convinced of the goodness and quality of our organic meat. If you have reason to complain again, please contact us directly. We will definitely find a solution. For reasons of hygiene, we generally exclude the return of meat that has already been sold as soon as it has been handed over to the buyer and we ask for your understanding.

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      The bacon can be purchased directly from the farm or restaurant. It is advisable to make a preliminary inquiry to ensure availability. In this way we can adapt our production to demand. Sustainability and respect for animals is always our top priority.

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