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Due to the great demand from the public, but also out of our own passion, we reopened the Alpenblick restaurant on the Brunnersberg in 2022. In the usual quality but also with new ideas, we would like to expand the culinary offer on the Brunnersberg accordingly. We attach great importance to tradition, which we want to present with a touch of modernity. Come to us and enjoy our lovingly prepared dishes in a cozy atmosphere with an extraordinary view over the Swiss Mittelland to the Alps. 
Are you looking for a unique culinary experience?
Then give us a call and reserve today!

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In the spring of 2019, Peter and Susanne Frey decided to definitely close the Alpenblick restaurant. This after they had reduced the opening times over the years. Ten years earlier, after Peter's retirement, they had passed the farm on to his daughter Kathrin.

With the closure of the restaurant, they wanted to withdraw further and enjoy their well-deserved retirement.

This decision caused great regret among the regular guests, many hikers and bikers.

in memory of

Peter Frey

* 10/28/1943



The new host couple

The new hosts at Alpenblick Brunnersberg,  

Kathrin Niemetz and Patrick Wangler trust in the experience and expertise of Susanne Frey 


A lot has changed at Alpenblick in recent years. Since Patrick Wangler moved in, a fresh wind has been blowing through the walls. It was he who got the idea of reopening the pub rolling. Together with partner Kathrin and with the experienced predecessor Susanne as a consultant and good soul in the background, more life is to be breathed into the Alpenblick.

After a gentle renovation of the dining room, we want to welcome guests again. With a slightly different concept, a small, well-chosen menu and a lot of enthusiasm, we dare to embark on the “inn” adventure.

We are career changers and would like to offer our guests a great experience in the cozy dining room (approx. 30 seats) or in the small outdoor area (approx. 20 seats) with puristic dishes and selected drinks. Among other things, our dishes should be a small excursion through regional specialties and the cuisine from Patrick's homeland, the Black Forest. We pay great attention to quality, regionality and seasonality and use organic products wherever possible and sensible. 

We hope that you will have a nice and relaxing time with us and that you can enjoy the great view from Alpenblick to the Mittelland and the Alps as much as we do. We look forward to many new and familiar faces and beautiful encounters in the Alpenblick!

A stop on the Brunnersberg nature park line is right outside our front door, the ideal starting and/or Destination for excursions in the Brunnersberg region.


Patrick Wangler


Managing Director

Catherine Niemetz


Suzanne Frey


Our animal roommates



Joggi is a peaceful Bernese Mountain Dog that needs to be petted.


Leo lives in the household but can also often be found outside. 


Timo is our smallest cat and is allowed to share the kingdom in our apartment with Leo

Petra and Clement

Our two pygmy goats are perfect for children who like to  ours  small  want to visit the petting zoo.


Theo is a purebred Valais sheep and was born on November 30th, 2021, a rough, cold winter day. Since his mother didn't have enough milk, we raised him in the house with the bottle. Therefore, he is particularly trusting and also likes to be petted. He is only a black sheep on the outside.


Keeping suckler cows is the most important part of the business on Kathrin's farm. The Tyrolean gray cattle breed determines the herd.


Theo is not the only "woolly pig" on the farm, there are also sheep ladies with their goat and  their lambs.


Leo and Timo also have a few conspecifics whose habitat is exclusively outside.


Not to forget our chickens, which provide us with fresh organic eggs every day.


Stella is still a young and very playful Border Colly bitch

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