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Black Forest fir honey

Black Forest fir honey

Spicy, liquid, rare: Black Forest fir honey

Our aromatic, spicy dark forest honey comes exclusively from beekeepers in the Schuttertal in the Black Forest.


Due to its high fructose content, this honey stays naturally liquid for a relatively long time, but will crystallize over time. A sign of its quality, goodness and naturalness. Then the slight warming in the water bath with max. 37-38 °C helps. This is the only way the ingredients are not damaged. Spicy, liquid fir honey is usually one of the last honeys of the year. The honey harvest usually takes place here in July.

But the fir honey is by no means every year and not in every area. This requires a large stock of silver fir trees, and the Schuttertal offers excellent conditions for this.

Humid weather and a steady dry east wind can also make it difficult or even impossible for honey bees to pick up the honeydew drops.


Honey from the fir, every year?

This is only possible in very few regions in the Black Forest, the Schuttertal is one of those rare areas. It is therefore a rare specialty in the honey market and enthusiasts like to buy it in advance.


Does fir honey sometimes solidify?

Of course our  Fir honey also hardens after months and years, that happens with any untreated honey. But just gently reheat it in a water bath and the liquid consistency will quickly return.


Silver fir honey in Germany

Traditionally, a lot of fir honey comes from the Black Forest, simply because there are many silver firs there. The forests in the Schuttertal consist mainly of silver fir - the tree for the fir honey - and spruce - the tree for the forest honey -.


honey and its uses

Hardly any food is as versatile as naturally obtained honey. It is used as a sweetener, as an accompaniment or processed in desserts, but also for caramelizing hearty meat and vegetable dishes, in bread dough or as a spread, in tea or a glass of hot milk, it has a healing effect, this list can be continued here as desired .

In addition, if stored correctly, honey can generally be kept forever.

  • properties of honey

    Nutritious, healthy and great-tasting liquid gold:

    Honey in the diet has a positive effect on our health. It can stabilize blood sugar levels, support the cardiovascular system and, thanks to its antibacterial properties, help with colds and sore throats. In addition, honey contains fewer calories than table sugar and can stimulate the appetite. It contains anti-inflammatory enzymes, bioactive substances and antioxidants that are healthy, including lowering cholesterol levels. The antioxidants can have a positive effect on heart health and lower blood pressure. The honey itself contains no cholesterol at all.

    So take a spoonful of honey every day: honey tastes good and is healthy!

500 Grams
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